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This game is unfinished, it was made for the KinJam. The themes were "You can only have one", "Reanimation" and "Hoarding". 

You can walk around with by clicking where you want to go, turn the camera left and right with A and D, zoom in and out a bit and lock doors/the garage door with E if you stand by the door or switch. Items will randomly spawn in and if you walk over them while holding or clicking the left mouse button you will pickup 1 item which you can drop with Q.

The UNIMPLEMENTED idea was to create a game in which you're a hoarder who doesn't want his friends to find out. Your friends visit you quite often and you have to hide all your stuff from them. If they just see some small things they would pick it up and throw it away (which you wouldn't like) but if they saw a huge amount of stuff they would try to get you an intervention to help you. You would have the ability to turn them into zombies and make sure that they can't give you an intervention. You would at best be able to have 1 zombie at a time.


Level Design and Programming were done by me, the assets used were nearly all from http://www.syntystudios.com/ (I used the City, Town, Heist, Characters and Zombies packs). 'Game' made in Unreal Engine 4.21


Build_003.zip 123 MB

Install instructions

Windows 64 bit build only, download, unzip and launch the EXE.

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